Prokit Monohulls Monohull aluminium kitset boats

Professionally designed kitsets for you to build
Aluminium kitstet boats pontoon and monohull 3 - 8.5m
Aluminium and steel kitset trailers

Prokit Monohulls

Prokit Monohulls

Prokit Kitset monohull boats are designed for recreational and commercial use as well as a great family boat. We have a range of sizes to suit most needs.

Designer Jason Elvines has first and foremost put a lot of design time and testing into the monohull hull design and seaworthiness but has also paid a lot of attetntion to the aesthetic appeal of the boat, to be putting a lot of hours into building your own boat you want to make sure it will be something unique that you and others who see it will admire.

Prokit Monohulls

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